Qing Dynasty Inventions

Qing Dynasty warrior.jpgThe Qing Dynasty led China through a period of prosperity and Cultural Revolution in a time of peace. Having secured enough food production and a sustainable economy, determined thinkers of that time could come up with several helpful inventions.

Machine Gun

China discovered gunpowder long before the Qing Dynasty took over the throne. However, during the dynasty’s rule, the first machine gun was invented. Firearms were used for quite some time, but expert Dai Zi managed to develop a continuously shooting gun. He lived during the Qing Dynasty and his invention was able to hold up to 28 bullets.


Legalism was invented by the Chinese during the Qing era. It mainly focused on ideas and philosophical analysis of obedience to the legal system. Most of the ideas promoted by this new philosophy talked about rewarding the people who respect the law and punishing the ones who do not.

Printing Production

When the Qing dynasty claimed the throne, most of the famous Chinese inventions were already discovered. However, they managed to come with some significant contribution to literature by inventing and developing the printing production industry. The invention also aided the scholars and artists to promote and distribute their work. During this period, China experienced great growth in terms of literature and poetry.

Battle Gear

The Qing soldiers did not invent battle gear, but they did make some changes to the current gear that they used. For one thing, the foot soldiers made their armor lighter so they could move faster. In addition, foot soldiers typically began carrying bronze swords and spears. These new innovations in battle gear helped the Qing Dynasty foot soldiers win more wars and increase the power and wealth throughout the land. They also used swords with longer blades to make stabbing the enemy even easier.